Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today I received 1 Fan Pack.
MLB Los Angeles Dodgers tattoos, 2001 Scorecard with Tommy Lasorda on it, Line Drives Magazine, The World of Dodgertown Magazine


  1. I just received my Dodgers fan pack today and received the same thing plus 6 baseball cards. Do you have a blog where you have listed contact addresses for the team? I have sent out over 100 request so far, but I am always looking to acquire new contacts. Here is a link to my blogs. I am trying to get all my fan packs up with contact info and pictures:

  2. Here is a blog that you can get addresses from. The person who owns this blog also has pictures of the fan packs that they get.

    I hope you have alot of success like I have this year. I will be checking out your blog to see what fan packs that you get. If you need any other addresses just let me know.